Friday, January 29, 2010

Wake n Steak

Finally found a good cheese steak spot in Miami. Now it's an addiction, seriously.

I have to pick up EggFoo in an hour from the airport with a whopping hangover. That said, it'll get me out of bed; which is a shame cuz its a rare day w a great breeze coming through the window. You don't really get much thru-home breezing in Miami - its usually too hot and ACs pumping. Best weather in recent memory. Feels like NY/DC in ~August.

Plus side of picking up friends at the airport? Having them believe they can choose the restaurant that they're going to be treating you to momentarily. Damn, I'm hungry. Wake n Steak!

Byrne & Eno - One Fine Day

The Chiffons - One Fine Day (I dunno, just because)

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