Monday, January 12, 2009

Spielberg I Am Not

So Plot has been off/on working on this stop-motion animation for a while now; something to do w/ using the album covers of his thousands of records.

It reminded me of 'movies' I had made way back in the day with Lego pieces. I never really had the patience required for stop-motion, so my movies would go by pretty quick, [like 15 frames over 3 seconds].

What does this have to do with anything?
Not much; it's a weird segue into posting yet another video, cuz the blogging bug hasn't bit me yet post-'08. This vid is pretty much was what I was going after in my short-lived movie-making career.

Yeah . . .

You know what also is amazing?!?!? THIS!:

As far as "real" movies, I will dare to recommend The Hurt Locker. Dunno if its out in theaters, but it is on NinjaVideo. Think of a good war movie, make it not quite as good but different, and then make it better and the same. It's that good.

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