Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So it seems like white people in middle america have found yet another way to perPETuate their racist views. They are now breeding their cats to hate Jews and Blacks just as much as their owners. This must be stopped before these new bigoted cats flex their influence over all the animal kingdom. Imagine lions preying on zebra simply because they are interracial - FUCK! IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED!!! Ok, well imagine the Neo-Nazi Cats forcing the hit broadway play "Cats" to close because of NY's high population of Jews - WAIT! THOSE HITLER CATS ALREADY PULLED THAT ONE OFF TOO!!! It's a CATastrophy! There's even a WEBSITE where these hate mongers post pictures of their prejudiced pets.

They've even begun teaching them to talk! Although this is much more cute than it is creepy.

*A thank you to Ting for this breaking news

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